Life Support - James the Postman


Meet James

James has been the postman in my parent's community for the past 24 years.

He can be found delivering the mail with his headphones on, singing at the top of his lungs.

When I use to collect Smurf figurines, he once paid postage for my letter to a collector in Belgium.

If there is an important package, he makes sure someone is home instead of leaving it on the porch.

This is especially important as I order a ton from Amazon.

Because of this and more, he is part of my life support.

Thank you, James.

Life Support is an ongoing photography project about the people in my life that provide some type of support.

Other than family and friends, there are other people who are a part of my life in a small way, either through their job, or a coffee house we both frequent.

The people who, in their own special way, help me navigate through life.

Through the Life Support series, I'd like you to meet them.