5 Tips for Awesome Halloween Photos of Your Kids


Halloween is a time when kids get to show off their imaginations and big personalities while dressing  as their favorite character. If your kids are anything like mine, their favorite character may change often.  Halloween is the perfect time to capture a moment of your kids childhood, to one day look back and see how much your child has grown.

1.Start Early - Do a Dress Rehearsal

It will be nearly impossible to try to get kids to stand still for a photo on Halloween. The excitement of the day and the siren call of candy will be all they are worried about. By doing a dress rehearsal, you'll be able to make sure everything fits, take a couple of photos and have them ready to be posted on social media on the big day.

2. Be in Character

During the dress rehearsal, let your child be in character. Find the perfect setting for your photos and ask them to give an impression of their character. Settings can be a tree-lined street for a fairy princess, a puddle for your pirate to play in or the super hero jumping off the couch to save the day. Let their imaginations be the backdrop to the photos.


Photo taken by RoGina Montgomery.



Photo taken by RoGina Montgomery.

Photo taken by RoGina Montgomery.

3. Get the details 

Let's face it, kids costumes are a far cry from the plastic coveralls and masks of our youth. Costumes now are more detailed and made to be an almost exact replica of their favorite character.  With the addition of makeup and other accessories and you have the makings of a stage worthy costume.  Don't forget to get in close and capture all the things that personalize your child's costume.  Ask yourself, what is it that makes the costume shine?   What part of the costume is your child most excited about? Get in close and capture those details to remember those memories  down the road.


Photo taken by RoGina Montgomery.

On Halloween

4. Document the Night

When its time to take the kids out to Trick or Trick, stand back and observe them. It's the perfect time to take photos of them as the magic happens. Tell the story of the night by capturing the trick or treat bag, all the different houses and if a house is decorated for Halloween, get a shoot of that as well.

5. When it's all Over

Halloween isn't over until kids are surrounded the nights candy stash.  Consider getting a post trick or treating candy shot. A shot of the costumes all  undone and the kids are wiped out and surrounded by candy will be the perfect ending to your Halloween story.