Our Weekend Stories


Since I had a 5 day weekend, this post contains almost an entire week.  The first week of 2018 was....unexpected. We had a fairly quiet New Year's Eve celebration with just us and the boys. Two of the four of us made it to midnight, one kid and one adult. I had the one kid that was up complete a New Year's Resolution worksheet. I just wanted to see if he knew what goals are and if he was looking forward to anything this year.Micah Resolutions


I took an extra day off after New Year's Day to give the boys more time at home. Plus I missed them and wanted to give them each some alone time with me to play with their new Christmas toys. Marcel had a dentist appointment that I'd completely forgotten about. I appreciate the reminder, email, text and call from the office. It was his second time visiting the dentist and it did not go as well as the first. He refused to let the dentist check his teeth.  Since I'm not above bribing my kids, I promised him McDonald's if he would cooperate. He had the chicken nuggets Happy Meal.  

Marcel DentistMarcel Dentist

Micah got a pretty nasty stomach virus that thankfully only lasted 24 hours.

January 06, 2018

It was hard taking care of him and keeping Marcel entertained when the only thing he wanted to do was play with his big brother. 

We start our regular work and school schedules next week.  I started getting the house organized and ready and found a graded math test in Micah's backpack from before the holiday break. We had worked so hard on math word problems last semester and I am so proud of him and this "A" he received. 

Micah's A

Next week I plan on doing a Will Power challenge and eat a Vegan based diet for 7 days. I don't eat much meat so eliminating other dairy should not be that hard.  The most challenging part may be finding a substitute for creamer in my morning coffee. 

I also started a Project 365 and a weekly (maybe monthly) Self-Portrait Project. You can check them out here.

How's your first week of 2018? Let me know in the comments.